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I 50 siti più utili per capire il tuo sito web


Per avere sempre più traffico sul tuo sito è necessario dotarti di strumenti che descrivono e analizzano il comportamento online di lettori, utenti e clienti. Scegli tra questi 50, votati da web master di tutto il mondo.

La prima regola per chi lavora con Internet è quella di collegarsi con chi ha le stesse esigenze (forum) e le ha risolte (software house). Dimenticare questa regola significa perdere uno dei grandi vantaggi del web: l’internazionalità, che in pratica significa che qualsiasi problema operativo è sicuramente condiviso da migliaia o da centinaia di migliaia di altri professionisti nel mondo. Quindi, basta cercare a fondo per trovare una o più soluzioni. Soluzioni spesso molto in anticipo sulle esigenze personali, come dimostrano molti dei siti, sotto.
Ma cercare dove? Lo hanno scritto a Website Magazine i suoi lettori e la redazione ha stilato questo elenco della “most important technology solutions and platforms for ‘Net professionals”. A parte i primi tre siti, gli altri 47 sono sicuramente da scoprire per molti.

1°) http://www.google.com

2°) http://www.adobe.com

3°) http://www.ibm.com

4°) http://www.tableau.com

Make your data make an impact.
Tableau helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people.

5°) http://www.appannie.com

Build a better app business.
App Annie delivers data and insights to succeed in the app economy.

6°) http://www.kissmetrics.com

Behavioral analytics to drive growth.
Track and understand what people are doing and take action to accelerate your growth

7°) http://www.optimizely.com

Let’s personalize digital experiences for your customers.
Optimizely is the easiest and most powerful solution for transforming your customers’ experience.

8°) http://www.hotjar.com

All-in-one Analytics & Feedback.
Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today.

9°) http://www.clicky.com

Real Time Web Analytics

10°) http://www.mixpanel.com

Product analytics for product people
Deeply understand every user’s journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and web.

11°) http://www.domo.com

Just drive.
Move your business forward, right from the palm of your hand.

12°) http://www.adjust.com

We make data work for you
Adjust is the business intelligence platform mobile app marketers love: we combine attribution for advertising sources with advanced in-app analytics and store statistics for unbeatable marketing insights.

13°) http://www.chartbeat.com

Content intelligence for publishers
See your audience in a whole new light.

14°) http://www.piwik.org

Open Analytics platform.
An open-source alternative to analytics products from Google, Adobe, and IBM, Piwik gives users total control over their website data.

15°) http://www.chartio.com

Powerful Analytics Made Simple.
Cloud-based data exploration for all. Easily connect your data and create dashboards, without any SQL knowledge.

16°) http://www.localytics.com

Be a mobile engagement hero
Our mobile engagement platform helps you discover what makes your users tick, engage them with personalized messages, and optimize your marketing efforts.

17°) http://www.geckoboard.com

Live TV dashboard software for business
Geckoboard helps everyone in your team focus on work that improves the metrics that matter to your business.

18°) http://www.parsely.com

Do incredible things with your data.
Parse.ly empowers companies to understand, own and improve digital audience engagement through data, so they can ensure the work they do makes the impact it deserves

19°) http://www.segment.com

Collect all of your customer data and send it anywhere.
Stream data to every marketing integration your team needs.

20°) http://www.woopra.com

Customer Intelligence for modern teams.
Track your website, apps, emails, and more to truly understand your customers.

21°) http://www.mouseflow.com

Stop guessing why visitors leave your site.
Mouseflow lets you see visitors’ behavior and fix pain points with session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, and feedback campaigns.

22°) http://www.gosquared.com

Turn visitors into customers.
Each product works independently, and they work even better together.

23°) http://www.amplitude.com

Product analytics for web & mobile.
Amplitude lets you dive deeper into user behavior than any other out-of-the-box analytics

24°) http://www.inspectlet.com

Stop guessing what your visitors want.
Google Analytics tells you what, Inspectlet tells you why.

25°) http://www.urbanairship.com

Great Mobile Engagement Delivered.
Mobile is the front door to your business. Urban Airship helps you drive loyalty, engagement and revenue in your app and beyond.

26°) http://www.heapanalytics.com

Analytics Infrastructure
Heap automates away the annoying parts of user analytics. No manual event tracking. No messy tracking plans. No custom ETL pipelines. Just insights. For everyone on your team.

27°) http://www.clicktale.com

Experience analytics for the enterprise. Finally.
The Clicktale Experience Cloud changes everything, because it answers anything.

28°) http://www.looker.com

One data platform, hundreds of solutions
Got data silos? Get Looker, then deploy Data Applications for every business team. Use our apps or build your own: from sales and customer success to logistics and eCommerce.

29°) http://www.luckyorange.com

A visitor just left your website without subscribing, converting, checking out, signing up.
See everything they did before they left.

30°) http://www.sitemeter.com

Audience Tracking Tools 101
The Who, What, When and Where of SiteMeter’s tracking technology

31°) http://www.sisense.com

Simplifying business intelligence for complex data
Your data is scattered across many different sources and growing every day. Sisense gives you the easiest way to create insights and business value from complex data.

32°) http://www.insightsquared.com

Break your company’s addiction to Excel
Data fuels high-performance sales teams. The fastest growing and most efficient teams run on InsightSquared.

33°) http://www.webtrends.com

Oracle buys Infinity™ Platform Assets from Webtrends
See how the brand-new Infinity Analytics stacks up to Google and Adobe.

34°) http://www.gooddata.com

Commercialize and monetize your data
GoodData provides the platform and expertise to transform your business’ data into revenue-generating assets with outward facing analytics.

35°) http://www.keen.io

Create intelligent apps
APIs for capturing, analyzing, and embedding event data in everything you build.

36°) http://www.leanplum.com

The mobile Marketing platform engineered for marketers
Deliver mobile engagement, from messaging to the in-app experience, with the only platform designed for intelligent action.

37°) http://www.awstats.org

AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. 

38°) http://www.atinternet.com

Unified digital analytics
Analyse your performance across devices for a holistic view and more accurate decisions

39°) http://www.birst.com

Connecting the enterprise through data
A truly next generation platform for enterprise business intelligence and analytics

40°) http://www.swrve.com

Know and personally interact with every mobile user

41°) http://www.openwebanalytics.com

Web Analytics. Open Source.
Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open source web analytics software that you can use to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications.

42°) http://www.grow.com

Your Business Command Center
Reporting and dashboard software that accelerates your growth.

43°) http://www.count.ly

360° Web and Mobile Analytics
Extensible via plugins, on-prem or private cloud deployment options, powerful analytics and marketing features

44°) http://www.goingup.com

Website analytics and SEO tools
GoingUp! provides first class web site analytics and seo tools for your website.

45°) http://www.usabilitytools.com

Add focus to your product development
Analytics tell you where people leave your website, UsabilityTools tells you why

46°) http://www.webalizer.org

The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.

47°) http://www.dundas.com

Embedded Analytics & White Label Solutions
Build, share and view dashboards and reports directly in your applications

48°) http://www.haveamint.com

A fresh look at your site
Mint is an extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program.

49°) http://www.statpedia.com

Create, tag and share your stats worldwide.

50°) http://www.gaug.es

Website analytics you can actually understand
Gauges helps you focus on your most important web traffic stats, in real time.


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